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Ex-Brazil star Dani Alves Bags 4.5 years jail sentence for r*ape


A Spanish court on Thursday sentenced former Brazil international Dani Alves to four and a half years in prison after finding him guilty of raping a young woman at a Barcelona nightclub in December 2022.

“The victim did not consent, and there is evidence that, beyond the complainant’s testimony, permits the rape to be considered proven,” the Barcelona court wrote in a statement.

Alves was sentenced to jail despite earlier denying that he had sexually assaulted the woman at a nightclub in Barcelona in the early hours of 31 December, 2022.

The victim accused the former Barcelona defender of raping her in a bathroom, after which the court ordered Alves to pay her the sum of 150,000 euros (£128,479.50).

The 40-year-old former Brazilian international later admitted that he indeed had sex with the 23-year-old lady but insisted that it was consensual.

State prosecutors had sought a nine-year jail term for Alves if he was found guilty of the offense, while a private prosecutor on behalf of the victim wanted a 12-year prison sentence for the retired footballer.

“Daniel Alves has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison after being convicted of sexual assault,” judicial officials announced.

The court also ordered him to stay away from his victim for nine and a half years and determined he should pay his victim 150,000 euros and pay costs.

Widely considered one of the greatest full-backs of all time, Alves is the most decorated player in the history of professional football, with 43 senior titles.

Alves who began his football career at Bahia in 2001, had a six-year spell with Sevilla, with whom he won two UEFA Cups and the Copa del Rey.

After completing a transfer to Barcelona for €32.5 million in 2008, he became the third-most expensive defender at the time.

The former defender won the treble in his first season with Barca and in the next campaign, he won the Supercopa de España, UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Overall, he helped the Blaugrana to win two more Supercopa de España, five La Liga titles and two UEFA Champions League titles in the years that followed before leaving for Juventus in 2016.

After joining Juventus on a free transfer, the Brazilian won the 2016–17 Serie A title and 2016–17 Coppa Italia in his only season with the Old Lady who also qualified for the Champions League final.

In 2017, Alves joined French Ligue 1 club, Paris Saint-Germain also on a free transfer and did very well to help them win a domestic treble in his maiden campaign followed by another league title the following season.

“Messages in my DM mes.ses with my mental health” – Bukunmi Oluwasina Cries Out


Nollywood actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina has taken to social media to reveal the reasons she stopped reading messages from netizens.

She stated that although she wants to focus on her issues this year, the emotional toll is making it challenging, as she underlined that even though she wanted to avoid talking this year since it hurts, she finds it hard.

Bukunmi Oluwasina expressed her pain at seeing the people she loves and cares about suffer, but she was unable to put an end to it since, in spite of her money, she felt incapable of providing a solution for everyone.

The actress continued by saying she has been avoiding her direct messages for days because she feels bad about herself every time she opens one.

She penned:

“As much as I really want to mind my business for 2024, it’s hard. It’s hard cos it hurts. It hurts watching the people you love and care so much about suffering, and you can’t do anything about it, because no matter how much you have or what you do, you can’t solve everybody’s problems.

I have been avoiding my DM for days now, cos every time I open it, it messes up my mental health. Both poor, averagely okay and even rich, are now begging for financial assistance.
Nothing is working. A month salary can’t even feed you for a week, let alone the whole family.

Yeah, inflation is in every country, (That’s the excuse) but hell no, it’s not as worse as what’s happening in Nigeria.
I mean, Seeing post of people dying of hunger.. How? Why?
What the f**** is going on??????!!!!!

It’s funny how, cos despite all of these, everywhere is so quiet. 

“The people’s pain is getting to me” – Actress Toyin Abraham says as she announces plan to donate food to Nigerians


Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has initiated a program to distribute food to impoverished Nigerians in light of the ongoing economic hardship.

Taking to her Instagram page on Tuesday, February 20, the award-winning thespian announced this initiative along with a flyer design.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

According to the flyer, the food distribution will take place in Ikeja every Friday. She also stated that she will give the sum of N5,000 to the first 50 people to arrive as transportation allowance.

She captioned the post,

“My friends @Smallyfares and I will be giving out food and I will also give 5k each for transportation to first 50 people every Friday. Pls kindly check the above flier for more details❤️

See below,

As expected, Toyin’s initiative has sparked mixed reactions on social media. While many commended her for making a move to alleviate the the prevailing economic difficulties, others criticized her involvement in the 2023 general election, particularly her support for the incumbent president and his party.

A follower wrote,

“Nice move, that actually means the criticisms are getting to you. Still help us remind Asiwaju about those discussions o.”

Reacting, the 41-year-old actress stated that she is not moved by the criticisms, but rather by the pain and suffering of the people.

She wrote, “Your ranting isn’t getting to me, it’s people’s pain that is getting to me.”

See the exchange below,

“Bovi is a funny guy. He is not like that other guy that is not funny. Mr Dakun” – Seun Kuti reacts to Bovi’s skit about him (watch)


Nigerian musician Seun Kuti has reacted hilariously to a skit comedian Bovi made about him for his upcoming show in the United States.

Bovi created a skit about the abduction of several big celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry, including Seun Kuti.

Seun Kuti

In the skit, the comedian acted as a top officer in the Nigerian Police Force responsible for negotiating the ransom and release of the ‘victims’.

During the negotiation, he willingly offered reasonable prices for some celebrities, but when it got to Seun Kuti’s turn, he offered the meager sum of N250,000.


The kidnapper was displeased with the amount and warned that if Bovi mentioned the amount again, they would kill Seun on the spot. Humorously, Bovi kept mentioning “250, 250” because he wanted the abductors to kill Seun.

Watch the skit below,

During an Instagram live session, Seun was asked about his opinion on the skit, and he appeared to be cool with it.

He even said Bovi is a funny comedian, unlike a certain comedian whose name rhymes with the word ‘Dakun’, referring to Ayo Makun, with whom he recently had an altercation online.

Seun, however, mentioned that Bovi received permission from him before filming the skit.

Watch his reaction below,


Bobrisky criticizes people who lament over the state of the economy – Here’s why


Nigerian crossdresser and socialite, Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky, has taken a dig at people complaining about the state of the economy.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Bobrisky asserted that those complaining were busy trolling him and other celebrities on social media while others were working hard.

He said they are now busy blaming President Bola Tinubu for their economic woes when it is actually their fault that they failed to prepare for the future.


Speaking further, the influencer bragged about being financially buoyant and stated that no matter how low the naira falls, people like him would still be able to finance their lavish lifestyles.

He wrote,

“Work hard when ur mate are working hard no they prefer to troll you
Don’t hide under Tinubu regime. No be Tinubu send you not to prepare for ur future
Even if dollar is 3,000 some of us can conveniently live a lifestyle, because we have worked so hard to save for our future.
When I was busy working hard you were calling me names, bla bla now time for exam don show you are complaining d exam is too hard”

This comes after he showed off the quantity of food items he recently purchased for his household, despite the increasing cost of food in Nigeria.

See the post below,

‘Bob Marley: One Love’ Tops US Box Office With $46 Million Haul


The Bob Marley: One Love Biopic has seen a massive number of people turning out to the showing of the film, which began to air on Valentine’s Day across the world. Local theaters and international theaters are packed and sold out around the clock as many turned out to see the depiction of Bob Marley, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Lashana Lynch, as Rita Marley, and part of his life story on film.

The legendary Jamaican singer is widely known and loved worldwide and is favored to be honored as a national hero by many Jamaicans.

According to Deadline, the movie scored the biggest opening day of all time in Jamaica and internationally; it is the number one film for the biggest and second biggest launch days for a music biopic. Bob Marley: One Love tops the US Box Office this weekend with an expected $46 million haul, beating out the superhero movie, Madame Web, which raked in $24 million.

The film, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, also broke box office records and earned $4.9M across ten markets on the opening day. International cumulative audience accounts for $5.4M, including previews.

The movie is opening across more markets for the first time on Friday (February 16th), with 26 markets beginning to play, and over the weekend, an additional 26 will be added.

A breakdown by Deadline reveals that the movie is No. 1 in the United Kingdom, grossing $2.3m, in France at $1.3M, No. 1 in Australia on Wednesday with $615K, No. 3 in Spain with $185K, No. 1 in New Zealand with $175K among many others.

For many of these countries, the movie has the biggest opening day for a music biopic; for others, it is second to Bohemian Rhapsody.

On the other hand, while Jamaicans turned out to see the film, some were not pleased by the movie and the depiction of Marley, with a large amount of them criticizing Ziggy Marley, one of the producers of the film. In contrast, others were not pleased with English actor Kingsley Ben-Adir being chosen to play the beloved reggae singer.

Jamaicans are a tough crowd, especially when it comes to them being represented to the world. No doubt, many have been skeptical about Ben-Adir being chosen for the role, and others have raked Ziggy over the coals for saying that he couldn’t find the right actor from Jamaica that could aptly embody his father, not even from among his brothers, some of whom sound and behave just like Bob.

On Friday, Palace Amusement Cinema, which hosted the first premiere of the show and hosted British royals, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, said the movie has been sold out for days now.

However, some felt that the movie did not meet their expectations.

“Ziggy Marley, mi nuh know a wah u and Bob have! What kinda movie dat mi bredda? The movie take 30 minutes fi do! Ziggy you will answer to these charges. I promise you, when the Privy Council (case) is over, the Jamaican government will take you to court for this f**kery weh you just put out. Ziggy wah do you?” Podcaster Jaii Frais reacted to the movie on Thursday night.

Others, however, defended the film, with the vast majority of viewers expressing that the movie was good.

“The movie was good. Honestly, I think people were made to believe it was going to be some sort of biopic of Bob’s life, when in actuality, it was based off of his involvement in the then civil war that was happening in Jamaica and how his music helped shaped the peace narrative, then they sprinkled a little about his life and work and how that impacted the country. So, if you have not yet seen the movie, don’t go expecting his biography,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“The movie was great! He’s too damn extra!! If you’re expecting to see Bob Marley’s life story this is not the movie to see. This movie was solely based on the impact his music had on his country,” one reacted to Jaii Frais.

Some also agreed with the podcaster.

“I liked the movie. I completely understand and appreciate why certain negative aspects were not depicted and rightly so. Ben who played Kingsley Ben-Adir who played the role of Bob Marley nailed it, from looks to juggling the ball, playing the guitar, the language… I love how Rita was portrayed being most supportive even when things weren’t all roses and peaches,” another wrote.

“Movie was great, acting was good.. story line too SHORT!!!” another said.

“Me think a me alone did think this about the move Damian kimarley Julian just to name a few thats missing in the movie a joke this i think the movie was about ziggy him just get him buss ziggy say unu all ways a small me up watch this I’m going to make a movie about me and name it bod,” one wrote.

“Agreed, nothing about his OTHER kids, his life outside of him and Rita, or music and politics .. it as was alright 7/10 for me,” another wrote.

“It wasn’t worth it. But nobody is going to talk the truth because most people on here a seh di movie did good,” one person said.

“I agree and I went and was so a bit disappointed,for so much money to be spent on the movie it could’ve been much better and Bobs story could’ve been presented better as well. It’s not about the mix up but just how the story was told. It had so many repetitive scenes it’s crazy, bob left and go England and come back and none a fi pickney dem nuh grow up. And don’t mek mi talk bout the ending, like God kno? Kmt,” one said.

Young Thug Fans React To YSL Attorney Arrested On Gang Charges


One of the defense lawyers in the Young Slime Life (YSL) racketeering trial has been arrested for being involved in gang activity, and now she is facing heavy backlash from Young Thug fans.

Nicole Fegan, one of the attorneys representing defendant Tenquarius Mender, was arrested in Atlanta on Friday on allegations that she became aware of an outstanding warrant for a suspect, and she warned him that police wanted him.

According to WSBTV reporter Michae Seiden, Fegan was arrested for a number of gang-related charges, including that she participated in criminal street gang activity and encouraged a suspect to tamper with evidence. Her arrest record showed the 34-year-old was booked at Fulton County jail for “criminal solicitation unlawful for a person to cause/encourage/solicit/recruit/coerce another to become criminal street gang”.

Details revealed by Seiden are that Fegan became aware of a suspect in another case having an outstanding warrant on him. She reportedly gave the suspect a heads-up. That’s not the only thing she did; she also warned the suspect and encouraged him to get rid of his phone. It’s unclear if the phone may have had evidence or police were tracking it.

A statement from the Atlanta Police Department revealed that the suspect in the case was being sought in relation to a shooting in 2022.

“During the investigation into the September 27, 2022, shooting of two males at Williams Street and Baker Street, in Northwest Atlanta, investigators received information that Nicole Fegan contacted a suspect in the shooting, advising him of active warrants for his arrest. Fegan provided information she had learned during a preliminary hearing related to the shooting and advised the suspect to dispose of his phone as police were going to arrest him,” the statement said.

The statement said that the suspect was not Fegan’s client. Two people were shot in the 2022 incident, one of whom died. One man was charged with aggravated assault and murder.

Fegan was placed on bond for $40,000 on Friday night and was booked into Rice Street.

Seiden also reported that attorneys for Fegan I said they hoped for her to see a judge on Saturday.

Fegan is no longer a part of the YSL trial, as her client was severed from the indictment last year in May after she indicated that she was going off on maternity leave.

In the meantime, Fegan’s social media posts have gone viral, with many social media users and commenters reposting videos of her giving advice on dating gangsters.

“Nicole Fegan, aka Ms. YSL, said these 3 types of dope dealers need to retire from the game,” one person wrote.

“An alarming video of YSL RICO trial attorney Nicole Fegan explains how law enforcement does phone extractions. Why was she arrested? Fegan warned a suspect she didn’t represent of active warrants and to dispose of his phone as APD were going to arrest him,” another wrote.


Nicki Minaj’s Sister Ming Maraj Previews New Music, Nicki Fans React


Nicki Minaj’s younger sister, Ming Maraj, is sparking curiosity as she reveals herself and music for the world to see. Nicki, who has four siblings, first revealed that she had a younger sister in 2013. She has never posted or shown Ming around her and her family on special occasions or holidays.

However, a few years back, she wished the teenager a happy birthday, which sparked renewed interest in her life. Earlier this month, Ming revealed she was getting ready to release two new songs and asked fans to support her music career.

The young woman has a YouTube account, and by all accounts, she’s been working to get noticed by fans. She even told fans that she wanted to earn enough money to buy a new camera and phone, which is equipment for her YouTube channel, and to promote her music.

On Monday night, snippets of Ming rapping and singing went viral as many fans commented on her uncanny resemblance to her big sister Nicki, and she even sounded slightly like her. In one video, Ming has her hair straightened and raps to the camera. In another video, she is seen wearing a black and blonde-haired wig. She mouths the lyrics of the songs with ease, making it clear that she is also strong on her pen game as her sister.

Nicki and Ming share the same father, Robert Maraj, a gospel singer from Trinidad. Robert is of Afro-Indian Trinidadian heritage, and his daughters seem to take their looks from him. On social media, many fans shared support for Ming and her talent.

“If ice spice can be the Fart she can do it too!” one fan wrote. “One thing…. They’re both very pretty girls. Truly. Gorgeous,” another wrote. “I’m dead she sound like cardi,” another person wrote. “NOT only are they TWINS but do y’all hear her lyrics? Give her time to grow,” another added.

Some fans also dragged Nicki for not helping her sister.

“Nicki abandoned her sister from her father side. Why is she living in the projects with her wig like that,” one fan wrote. Another said, “Wait. So this really her sister!? Cause why she NEVER TALK about her. Only Caiah and Jelani.”

Ming is 18 years old, which could explain why Nicki has not put her in the spotlight. The rapper is very outgoing but also very private, as she’s kept her son’s name away from the public and intimate moments away from the public.

Aidonia, Nigy Boy, Jada Kingdom Booked For Reggae Sumfest 2024


Reggae Sumfest promoters confirmed that dancehall giant Aidonia is the latest artist booked for this year’s staging. The announcement comes after the show announced that Nigy Boy and Jada Kingdom have also joined the lineup.

Among the other performers announced for Reggae Sumfest 2024 is international R&B legend Babyface, who is slated to perform on International Night Two on July 20. Dancehall singjay Nigy Boy is booked to perform on the same night as Babyface, while Aidonia and Jada Kingdom are slated to perform on Dancehall Night, Friday, July 19.

This marks the first time that Jada Kingdom is headlining her own set at Reggae Sumfest. Last year, she made a cameo during D’Yani’s set, and judging from the response from the audience, the promoters had to bring her back as a headliner.

Like Jada, the visually impaired singer, Nigy Boy is making his debut this year at Reggae Sumfest. The young singer has been getting a lot of buzz on the dancehall scene with his Dutty Money Riddim hit “Continent Video.”

Aidonia is a veteran of Reggae Sumfest and a veteran in dancehall. This year, he took a self-imposed musical hiatus to focus on his family after welcoming a newborn a year following the passing of his son, King Khalif, who died from cancer. Despite not releasing any new music in the near future, Aidonia is taking timeout to perform for his fans at one of the biggest stage shows in Jamaica, Reggae Sumfest.

Aidonia also has a handful of shows coming up in the US, including performances for his birthday weekend, April 26-28, where he will perform in Philadelphia, Connecticut, and New York. Donia welcomed his new son in December last year, weeks after telling Urban Islandz that he would take a break from music to help his wife, Kimberly Megan, raise their new bundle of joy.

“Before me come off of the stage mi affi big up mi wife ah mi yaad. She know how me stay enuh, when mi forward pon stage and everything nice and mi feel good. Monday gone we welcome the birth of we son,” the 4th Genna deejay told fans during a performance at Yush.

50 Cent Teases New Music With Dr. Dre, Wishes Producer Happy Birthday


50 Cent and Dr. Dre might have new music on the way. The G-Unit chief hit the pause on trolling people on Instagram to wish the legendary producer a happy birthday and revealed that they have new music on the way.

If you’ve been a lifelong fan of 50 Cent, then you would know that there probably would be no Fif as we know him today without Dr. Dre. The Aftermath Entertainment head was instrumental in Fifty dominating the 2000s in hip hop with a slew of hits. But these days, the “21 Questions” rapper is more focused on Television and big-screen film production.

“Happy Birthday to my boy Dre, we got some New Heat coming,” Fif wrote while sharing a throwback image of himself and Dre.

50 Cent first teased new music with Dr. Dre last year during an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, where he said there are new music, TV, and movies coming out under his umbrella. He later admitted that as soon as he said that, the good folks at Aftermath and Shady Records (Eminem) reached out to let him know they were ready to get to work.

“As soon as I said that, I got a text from Em that he had already spoke to Dre, and that Dre is in there and he got some crazy stuff for me to go hear,” he said. “This is my process: I’ll go make something, what I can find, the best music that I can put my hands on. And when I feel real good about it, I bring it to put pressure on Dre to offer me something. ‘Cause he’ll have something… He’s always had something.”

50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and Eminem share a close friendship spanning two decades. Dre served as the executive producer of Fifty’s landmark album Get Rich or Die Tryin’. The album arguably served as the springboard for the New York rapper’s sudden rise in hip hop and gave birth to some songs that have since become classics. Dre and Eminem also served as early mentors to Fif, who apparently soaked up everything he learned from them.

50 Cent and Dr. Dre’s friendship began in the early 2000s when 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, was still a rising star in the underground New York rap scene. Dre, who was one of the most acclaimed and highly respected music producers in rap, recognized 50 Cent’s raw talent and potential as a young artist. However, it was Eminem who first discovered 50 Cent and signed him to Shady Records, an imprint of Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Interscope Records.