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10 ways to nail the old Nollywood aesthetic


The young Nollywood aesthetic is becoming very popular.

Many Nigerian events are increasingly going down the memory lane for dress codes.

Dinner parties, birthday parties, and premieres are quick to recreate the fashion of Nollywood of the 90s and early 2000s.

A significant reason for this trend is the meme pages on Instagram and Twitter showing clips and pictures of these old movies that stir nostalgic feelings.

In case you have a party or event with a young Nollywood theme, these are 10 things you need to know to nail the aesthetic.

1. Mini skirt

The short skirts were how to show you were a ‘bad girl’ in the 90s. To recreate this look, the shorter the skirt, the better.

2. Bandanas

Bandanas were in vogue at that time, either as a top or headgear.

Both men and women were urban and fresh in their bandana scarfs.

Sometimes, all you had to do was have it in your pockets.

3. Crop tops

Another old Nollywood aesthetic was the half top known as crop tops that showed a little bit of the belly or the belly button.

4. Boots

Female boots are essential to this aesthetic, especially the ones with a pointed front.

5. Oversized baggy trousers

The young men were also fond of wearing trousers that were at least three times their size.

6. Timberland boots

Pointed boots were to women what brown Timberland boots were to men.

7. Sunshades

Sunglasses were important accessories to any young Nollywood look. These small, dark frames always completed the bad boy or girl ensemble.

8. Wigs

Wigs are not a recent invention. The only difference is that the old wigs were synthetic, short or spiky.

The go-to wig would be a full afro or a short braided wig.

9. Baseball caps, hats, and durags

Cool men in the 90s never left their hair uncovered. They either had baseball caps, durags, or cowboy hats on.

10. Oversized suits

Male or female, suits had to be three sizes bigger with upwards of three buttons.


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