21 Savage Calls Out Rappers Like Lil Pump Vert Biting His “Yessirskiii” Rhymes

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21 Savage

21 Savage calls out rappers who are biting his rhymes.

Earlier this year, Lil Uzi Vert released a deluxe edition of his highly anticipated album Eternal Atake which included the track “Yessirskiii” featuring 21 Savage. The term caught on quick and became a regular part of the hip hop lexicon, even inspiring other rappers to create entire songs structured around the new slang word. Earlier this week, Lil Pump posted a teaser video of himself rapping along to his new track “Yessirskii,” featuring Young Thug, which has been met with mostly disappointment by hopeful listeners. In contrast, Ohio rapper Doe Boy released his own “Yessirski” featuring production from Southside, and the track has been receiving positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Regardless of the performance of each individual track, 21 Savage has certainly noticed that everyone is biting his style with the prominent use of the term he invented in these new songs.

Taking to Twitter to address the copycats, Savage wrote, “I need 50% of every song that come out with a yessirskiii hook y’all getting outrageous with da biting I gotta get a rabies shot as dis point.” While Savage didn’t call out any rappers directly, it was pretty clear who he was referring to.

While Savage seems less than thrilled about so many rappers using his word without giving him credit, his post seemed to indicate that he is making light out of the situation. The rapper certainly has plenty to be happy about these days as his collaborative album with Metro Boomin, Savage Mode 2, is projected to move as much as 200k units in its first week. The project serves as a follow up to the 2016 mixtape Savage Mode and features Drake, Young Thug, and more. It looks like Savage might just want to consider imitation the highest form of flattery and take so many rappers biting his style as a sign that he is at the top of his game.

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