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5 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Mailing List Broker for Your Real Estate Business


Running a real estate business calls for great responsibility; one of the most crucial responsibilities is maintaining the mailing list. This list plays a crucial role in online marketing. As per a report, about 77 percent of consumers genuinely desire emails from businesses they are interested in. Experienced realtors aggressively use email marketing to generate brand awareness and active leads for their business. But they cannot fully benefit from this technique until and unless they have an effective mailing list of potential buyers. Thus, they first need to get in touch with a mailing list broker who will provide high-quality data of the clients that would be interested in their offerings. 


But the real challenge is to hire an authentic broker who will provide genuine details of the real potential buyers. So there are some key factors to look into when planning to hire mailing list providers. They are as follows:


  • Pricing

Good data is not free and bad data is typically relatively cheap. Inquiring about price reductions depending on the amount and/or how frequently you will run the campaign is also a fantastic idea. Depending on the project, it is recommended to send an email many times for best results. Give the broker a heads-up on your marketing budget so they can determine whether your demands can be met.


  • Which type of list does the broker provide?

If you’re looking to increase local traffic or have a broad interest in your business, buyer lists are the most effective option. Targeting firms in a particular industry requires using business lists, which combine more detailed data sets.


  • Consumer Lists 
  • Length of Residence
  • Income, Gender, and Age
  • Family Status
  • Home Value
  • Age and gender breakdowns for households with children
  • Seniors in Families
  • Year Built
  • Housing Type: Owner / Renter 
  • Standard Business Lists

  • Establishment year
  • Sales Volume
  • Business Type
  • Number of employees


  1. Inquire about how old it is data

A 2-year-old or three-year-old data will make no sense for the realtor as the person’s physical address might change, or their phone number might change. This is why a mailing list broker must update the data regularly to provide the agents with relevant and up-to-date data. When agents are in the process of choosing the mailing list providers, they need to ask them how old the data is. If the data is old, they might have to drop the idea of choosing this particular broker. 


  1. Ask about whether the data is compiled or responsive

Compiled data is mainly acquired from publicly accessible information, including public records, phone directories, and credit files. These lists may be further customized by: 

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Income
  • Geographic regions
  • Age 
  • Age range 


Contact information that was willingly submitted through various sources forms the basis of responsive lists. Data for responsive lists can be obtained via magazine cards, catalog requests, and other direct marketing replies.


  1. Inquire whether the same list is used

A mailing list that the agent buys is theirs to keep and use for the work. But many brokerage firms may rent lists for short-term use. But once the agent buys the list, they are the only ones permitted to use it. The agent and the listing broker enter into a contract stipulating that they will only use the list for predetermined purposes. A rental list has “seed” addresses, which notify the broker each time the list is used so they can track how often it has been used. Using a leased list over the quantity allowed by the agreement may incur additional costs and perhaps legal repercussions.

There are many risks involved with purchasing a mailing list. Purchasing an outdated list carries some risk; in the worst instance, you can discover that you violate data protection rules. So before buying the mailing list, do thorough research keeping the above points in mind.


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