5 surprising benefits of chewing gum


Chewing gum is as good as flossing (Shutterstock)

Some people think chewing gum is a nasty habit, but sugar-free gum can provide some benefits for overall health as well as take care of your teeth.

Here are some benefits;

Getting rid of bad breath

We all know that gum can save you from bad breath from eating different foods or even keeping quiet for a long time. A minty sugar-free diet saves you from a lot of embarrassment, but make sure you brush your teeth well and use floss and do not rely on gum alone.

Relieve stress

According to research, chewing gum can help reduce the stress we experience every day. A study that was published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research reported feeling less stressed than participants who didn’t chew gum regularly.

Whiter teeth

Some gums can help whiten your teeth. These teeth-whitening gums are eaten after meals and chewed to help wash away food particles that could leave stains by promoting saliva production. They also have ingredients that protect the teeth and protect them from decay.

Increase in saliva

A dry mouth is never a good idea and chewing gum increases saliva production. A dry mouth causes difficulty in chewing as well as mouth odour. By pressing on your salivary glands when you chew gum, your jaw muscles release saliva and ease the signs of dry mouth.

Prevent tooth decay

An experiment published in the Journal of Oral Science found that chewing sugar-free sweetener xylitol gum reduced the number of bacteria in the mouth for a short period. The American Dental Association (ADA) also found out that chewing sugar-free gum immediately after meals helps lessen the likelihood that someone would develop tooth decay.

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