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5 tips on how to look your best for Christmas


For every Nigerian (Christian) child, Christmas clothes were something to look forward to.

You might have gotten new clothes other times during the year, but the clothes you get for Christmas are exclusive and hallowed.

As an adult, if you still attend church, then you have to look your best for church service. Even if all you do is visit friends or hang around family, you do not have to let go of the Christmas cloth tradition.

So, what should you wear for Christmas?

1. Buy something you always wanted to have

Is there a shirt, trousers or two-piece you have admired all year? An expensive polo? A striped shirt? A new heel? A designer bag?

Maybe you saw people wearing it and you always wondered how it would look on you? Christmas time is the time to make that purchase.

2. Buy something colourful

It does not have to be red or green, but try bright happy colours like yellow and pink. If you feel like wearing red too, don’t let anything stop you. It is the season to be jolly.

3. Buy something stylish

For women, try wrap dresses or two-piece flared pants. Something with an interesting cut and bodice.

For men, try an interesting kaftan or a nice jacket. Add a little bit of style to your wardrobe.

4. Buy a new pair of shoes

When we were younger, Christmas clothes were always topped off with new shoes. So, buy the perfect pair of heels, sneakers, or monk straps to complete your look.

5. Do not forget your Christmas hair

Christmas hair is important to enjoy the Christmas season. Those days when we were younger we would sit for hours braiding the perfect Christmas hair and decorate it with ribbons.

You can still enjoy this feeling but maybe buying a new wig can replace that Christmas hair feeling. Men can also get a fresh haircut.

The only caveat is as an adult, you are going to have to spend your own money to recreate the feeling.


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