5 ways to overcome fatigue


Do you feel incredibly tired all the time, follow these tips.

Fatigue is an extreme state of tiredness caused by lifestyle choices, stress, work issues and medical and health problems.

Fatigue makes you feel tired even after sleeping. It can cause you to make errors in your job and other poor choices that come from not being well-rested.

If you find yourself feeling fatigued, then you should do the following;

1. Eat well

It is said that you are not sad, just hungry. Eating gets your energy level up. Eat a lot of protein if you want to regain your energy. Also, eat a lot of snacks in between meals.

Drinking alcohol, caffeine, and other narcotics will not help you feel relaxed and would most likely worsen your health condition.

2. Exercise

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You might think you are too tired to take a walk or run, but exercising will get your energy levels up. You do have to a lot, an ordinary 15 minutes walk early in the morning will have you feeling more energetic.

3. Sleep well

You are likely to feel fatigued when you either sleep too much or sleep too little. Adequate sleep is important for good mental health. Having the normal eight hours of sleep every night is enough to get feeling energized the next day.

If after getting enough sleep you do not feel strong enough then the fatigue might be a result of some underlying issue.

4. Relax

What is relaxation to you? Is it a warm bath? A massage? Good music or movies? Then do it, take out time to relax.

If you feel overwhelmed by work, pace yourself and take regular breaks when working.

5. Take a break

If it is possible to take a break from work – a sick leave or a regular work leave then you should do it.

Sometimes, you need to call a time-out and take a break.

If you have done all these and you still don’t feel like yourself again then you should visit your doctor.


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