50 Cent Bashes Randall Emmett Following Sexual Harassment Allegations


50 Cent reacts after a bombshell investigative article accuses Randall Emmett of physical abuse and sexual harassment.

The era of Fofty was one to remember. Each week, 50 Cent found a new target who owed him money and publicly humiliated them in front of millions of followers. His tactics often resulted in getting his money in full but there’s no doubt that is bruised a few egos, as well.

50 Cent and Randall Emmett
Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Randall Emmett was the one who coined the name Fofty after having to be transferred to the hospital in the midst of 50’s public attack. He later paid Fif back and the rap mogul deleted all of the posts relating to Randall. However, it appears that Fif is back on Emmett’s neck following new allegations of abuse.

An investigative report from the LA Times detailed allegations of verbal and physical abuse, sexual harassment, and business fraud against Emmett. A woman accused Emmett of offering her a role in exchange for sexual favors. He’s also being accused of mistreating Bruce Willis on the set of a film they worked on together while the Sixth Sense actor’s health was visibly declining.

While Emmett’s spokesperson has denied all allegations against him, 50 Cent chimed in on the matter with a reflection of the infamous Fofty era.

“See this is why i made him give me my Money by Monday,Then after he had to stay a 100 feet away from me,” 50 Cent wrote.

Check out his post below.


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