50 Cent Believes XXXTENTACION Doc Left Out Crucial Information


50 Cent offered XXXTENTACION’s mom feedback on the “Look at Me” documentary.

XXXTENTACION’s life and career as riddled with controversy. Though he’s gone down as a legend, there have been plenty of problematic aspects of his career that have tarnished his legacy. However, his new documentary on Hulu, Look At Me, explores his life and career in an attempt to humanize him.

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During a recent conversation with TMZ, XXXTENTACION’s mom and his manager, Solomon Sobande detailed the process of creating the documentary, including why certain aspects were removed from the final cut. She also heard from 50 Centwho offered feedback on the documentary. While he gave the documentary a “10,” he said there were aspects that should’ve been covered such as Geneva Ayala’s pregnancy. According to Cleo, she was never pregnant in the first place.

“We only get one shot at this, and there was things that was left out that should have been in there,” Cleo recounted of 50’s feedback. “Like he was so much more than an artist. He also did a lot of charity work that wasn’t put in there. The pregnancy test, they did not include that at all. And this was blood paperwork from the hospital to show that the young lady was never pregnant. The film is supposed to be truthful all across the board and I felt like, and he felt like, that should have been something that they should have spoke more on.”

In addition to 50 Cent, Tory Lanez, 21 Savage, and Fivio Foreign also gave the documentary a 10 after watching the premiere.


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