50 Cent Gets Side Eye For Joking About Coronavirus In New York

50 Cent

50 Cent is weighing in on the coronavirus as the epidemic sets sights on his home city.

The coronavirus has become a global concern since news of its lethal nature has permeated the media. Now with at least one confirmed case of the coronavirus in New York City, reports say the outbreak is expected to be swift and rampant. The Big Apple is home to a lot of celebrities, including 50 Cent, who addressed the growing issue on social media.

The rapper and TV producer posted a photo to Instagram of a coronavirus meme. The photo featured a blob of germs similar to what we might find when observing a cell under a microscope, along with a pair of Timbalands below it and a NY snapback on top. In the caption, Fifty wrote, “coronavirus in New York” with a laughing emoji to suggest that he is a bit facetious about the crisis.

Fifty posted another photo to Instagram of a screenshot that captured a news article about the virus being present in the city of New York. “The whole gang outside wit it?” he wrote alongside the photo that showed people protecting themselves with face masks along with the headline, “Coronavirus in N.Y.: Outbreak Will Spread In City, Officials Warn.”

Though 50 Cent has reacted to news of the coronavirus outbreak in his city with humor, it’s important that we don’t downplay the seriousness of the deadly virus. According to reports, one of the confirmed cases was a New York man who commutes to work via the subway train, and he had been doing so for at least a week completely oblivious to the fact that the contagious disease was with him.

Whether Fifty jests about it or not, the coronavirus is no joke, and we’re sure he’s doing what he must to protect himself. Are you?

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🤨corona virus in New York 😠😆

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