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50 Cent On Father’s Day: “It’s Not Really A Holiday… You Get A Text”

Fif has some bitter feelings about the double standard that exists between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.
50 Cent is speaking his mind, once again – this time about Father’s Day, which the New York native feels isn’t a “real holiday” in the same way that other annual celebrations are.

“Listen, listen,” he said in a clip uploaded to his feed on Sunday, June 19th. “Father’s Day is a holiday that’s not really a holiday, you know what I’m saying? Like that shit is like… Even by the commercials, look at the commercials! Father’s Day, they’ll show you screwdriver, muthaf*ckin’ power tools.”

50 Cent
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

According to Fif, there’s a double standard between the way that women are advertised luxurious, glamorous products on Mother’s Day, but for family patriarchs, they’re left with stereotypically masculine things that go hand-in-hand with physical labour.

“Like n*ggas don’t want diamonds? You know what I’m saying?” the Power producer continued. “Mother’s Day come, n*ggas is getting flowers, cards, all kinds of shit, right? What the f*ck they get for Father’s Day? You get a text for Father’s Day!”

“You get a text,” he emphasized again, “to make sure you still know where you should send your cheque.”

It’s clear that the 46-year-old has some bitter feelings about today’s holiday, although it’s far more likely that they stem from his tumultuous relationship with his eldest son, Marquise Jackson than with his “baby boy,” Sire Jackson, who he loves to show off on IG.

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