6ix9ine Bailed Out Girlfriend Jade After Her Arrest For Assaulting Him

6ix9ine Bailed Out Girlfriend Jade
6ix9ine and Jade

6ix9ine post bail for his girlfriend who was arrested for assaulting him at a Miami club.

The rapper’s girlfriend, Rachel ‘Jade’ Wattley, spent Sunday night in jail after attacking him in a nightclub in Miami, Florida. Jade, who has been involved with 6ix9ine since 2018, was arrested and booked on a domestic violence battery charge.

There are videos of the fight online that show Jade and a group of women said to be her friends attacking Tekashi 6ix9ine while at a popular Greek Restaurant, Kiki on the River, TMZ reported.

The 25-year-old is still in jail and being held on a $1,500 bail at Miami-Dade County Jail. After the fight, 6ix9ine reportedly spoke with the paparazzi, saying that he was trying to get her out of jail.

The rapper did not share any details as to what caused his girlfriend to want to fight him, but after the incident, the rapper was seen heading back to his vehicle as police came on the scene.

The couple was also seen arguing in full view of cops who showed up. According to TMZ, the police report said that authorities saw 6ix9ine and Jade arguing, but they did not see when it escalated to a physical fight.

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine told police that Jade hit him while they were arguing and that her friends were the ones pushing her to fight him. Some witnesses also testified that Jade tried to grab his chain when she attacked the rapper.

A witness/ security guard quoted by the Miami said the rapper was hit “several times.”

As for injuries, the police report said that “the victim had a visible minor injury to his left cheek,” but he refused to deal with the police further.

6ix9ine also said that he wanted to help Jade despite the incident.

“You have to evaluate her she’s obviously under the influence,” he said he told police. “I don’t plan to press charges,” he said. “I’m the one trying to bail her out,” he added.

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