Actress Anita Joseph Shed Tears Of Joy As She Wins A Brand New Car (Video)


Actress Anita

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph got soaked in tears yesterday, after she won a brand new Honda car at a fair.

The curvy actress who said she has never won a give-away before but kept giving, was too shock to speak as she trembled during the presentation of the gift at the fair she attended in Lagos.

Sharing a video from the fair, she appreciated God and narrated how the car gift was earlier prophesied.

“My hands are still shaking as am still Trembling 😢 I haven’t won a giveaway before yet I keep giving away 😢😢😢😢 🙈😢😢🙌 I bought loads of hair today,skincare etc and I left 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ And I was just going to have a drink with boo @realmcfish and I said let me breeze in and say goodbye and the rest I almost fainted 🙌🙈 shame finish me cause the tears eh 😢 This a big Deal for me Bec I never taught I will win a 🚗 ❤️ @gleeoflife hmmmmm the Miracle that will befall you eh,it will sound like a LieThank you thank you God bless you 🙌

“Before now Iv been hearing you will get a new Car just like dat,from my Sisters ,her pastor ETC
And just on d 4th of December my Godmother mother said it was SHILOH That I should watch online and also send my prayer request I said ok ❣️I said ok let me even tell her I want a a New 🚗And look at that chat 😳🙈Chai 4th JAN never even Near and he did it

You see God eh 💃💃💃💃just use your Tongue well because deres Fire in your Tongue,mind what you Say 👏 I miss her call dis evening not that the surprise she prophesied has come to pass 😳😳😳thank you Lord Thank you too @gleeoflife 💕❤️thank you all too ❣️for the”

See video below:

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