Angela Okorie rains curses on thise who claimed she made up the attack and injury


Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie has reacted to claims by some trolls that she made up her recent attack and injury. Posting a video of her injured face shortly after the attack, the single mum of one wrote

Joke apart
Let’s face Reality
If anybody who sees this and still feel
It’s make up
You need Jesus In Your life
Pls my brothers and sisters
We serve a living God
I am planning a very big
Thanksgiving to show how
Greatful I am
No man can take this glory
Anybody that says is make up
We wish them all this kind of make up
In Jesus Name
Any blog Carrying fake news about
What God has Done in my life
Instead of praising God for my sake
Shall receive same pain in Jesus Name
My God is bigger than any blog or human trying to bring me down Amen

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