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Anita Joseph shade trolls with released video of her husband adjusting her dress (video)

– Anita Joseph decided to give her fans and trolls something new to talk about regarding how her husband treats her

– The actress stated that her husband does not only buckle her shoes but also dresses her up

– This is coming after she addressed people who criticised her husband’s affection towards her

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, obviously does not care about what people think about her and the queenly treatment she gets from her husband

The movie star who addressed people who criticised the way her husband treats her shared a video on her Instagram page where she was at a shoot location with her husband.

He lovingly adjusted her flowing gold gown as they got ready to pose for photos.

The couple looked stunning in their beautiful outfit and carried on regardless of the people present at the location.

In the caption which accompanied the post, Anita mentioned that her husband dresses her up too, and she was gearing up for her birthday.

The actress also noted that she had restricted rude people and it made her glad those people would not know their comments did not get to her.

“My Gee Dresses me up too. Tomorrow is my Birthday chai, I feel so Anew. My waist cincher is from @hourglassfashionworld. Swipe and be blessed. One thing I love abt Restricting people, you won’t even know you’re Restricted. You just Dey insult your mama Dey go. Nxt one is blocking.”



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