Are you a Fashion Lover? Then You Have To Stop Making These 8 Mistakes

Are you a Fashion Lover? Then You Have To Stop Making These 8 Mistakes
Are you a Fashion Lover? Then You Have To Stop Making These 8 Mistakes


But while creating your style, there is still a handful of faux pas that completely ruin your outfit.

Whether forgetting to iron your outfit or allowing your underwear to show through your outfit, a fashion mistake can completely ruin an otherwise great outfit.

Here are some common fashion mistakes you need to avoid;

1. Wearing clothes that don’t fit

Too large or too small, clothes that don’t fit are a definite no. Don’t get completely lost in your outfit and also don’t try to squeeze yourself into something that is obviously too small for you. While some people purposefully prefer to wear an oversized sweatshirt which is acceptable, there is absolutely no reason for you to wear an outfit that’s too small for you.

2. Bling overload

We get it, you own a lot of necklaces, bracelets, rings, we absolutely get it, but you really do not have to wear everything at once. Over-accessorizing is downright one of the worst fashion mistakes out there and one you should completely avoid. It will ruin your outfit and take all the attention away from your peng outfit. Learn you accessorize correctly.

3. Wrong undergarments

We tend not to pay attention to undergarments because they are hidden. But you might just be making another mistake. Be sure to pick out the right underwear for your outfit to avoid visible panty lines. Also when you are wearing an off-the-shoulder outfit, it is advisable to go for a strapless bra to avoid your straps popping out.

4. Wearing the wrong footwear for the occasion

Office shoes, gym shoes, hangout shoes, you need the right shoe for every occasion in your closet to avoid making this mistake. You should know not to wear your gym shoes to a dinner party, neither should you wear your party shoes when you’re going hiking.

5. Not evolving

The world of fashion evolves fast, with some trends going completely out of fashion, while some previous trends are recycled. Sometimes, we get so comfortable in a particular trend that we find it hard to evolve. This is another fashion mistake because you will be wearing outdated clothes if you refuse to evolve and you’re stuck in one particular trend that has gone out of fashion.

6. Wearing heels you can’t walk in

There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman hobble around in too-small or too-tall heels. Wear comfortable heels you can walk elegantly in.

7. Wearing socks with sandals

Seriously, sandals and socks do not belong together. It is absolutely not cool.

8. Wearing dirty shoes

You don’t need anybody to tell you to clean your shoes before wearing them. Dirty shoes do not only make you look unprofessional but will also cheapen your entire outfit.


— Written by Akinola Victoria


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