“Attract investments with the attention we are enjoying” – Darey Art-Alade advises Afrobeats artistes


Popular Nigerian singer, Darey Art-Alade, has cautioned performers in the genre not to get exploited or rejected as Afrobeats gain popularity throughout the world.

In an interview that was published on Saturday, Darey stated that Nigerian artists should use their current level of popularity to draw in international investment.

He expressed his happiness that Afrobeats is gaining popularity worldwide, but he is also worried that outsiders will take advantage of the present trend.

He underlined how important it is for celebrities to support the many talents and infrastructure in their countries.

He said;

“The growth of afrobeats right now is incredible. It is a fantastic time to be alive. I am really happy and proud, but I am also concerned, because if we are not careful, they will use and dump us. We have to come back home, and invest in our people and infrastructure.

We have to use the attention we are enjoying right now to attract foreign investments, and build things that will outlive this current generation. It is not just about the hype we are getting right now; we can build a pipeline where creatives can be churned out and equipped with the right resources. For this hype not be a flash in the pan, we have to sustain it and keep feeding the world with our infectious energy.”


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