BBNAIJA S6: Saskay Reacts After Cross Blew Hot Over Her Unseen Moments With Jaypaul [VIDEO]


Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Housemate, Saskay, is caught up in a love triangle between two male housemates.

Cross and Jaypaul both have feelings for Saskay, and Saskay is finding it difficult to select one of them. Cross has strong feelings for Saskay and has been acting Jealous, anytime he sees Saskay spending time with Jaypaul.

Yesterday evening, Cross and Saskay were playing a game of snooker, so he decided to use the opportunity to confront Saskay after he saw how Jaypaul was coming too close to Saskay. Saskay had told Cross that she and Jaypaul are not dating so when he saw Jaypaul on Saskay’s bed, he was not okay with it.

Cross told Saskay that he got confused after Saskay left the blue room to his room, then next thing he saw Jaypaul on her bed, so she should explain what transpired. Saskay didn’t give Cross the answer he was hoping for, rather, she told him that she will think about it and give him the answer later.

Cross wasn’t okay with the answer, so he asked her if she wanted time, to think of something that she would come back later to tell him. He added that If he eventually leaves the house and he gets to find out that she was not who he thought she was, he would never talk to her again.

Saskay asked him if it was a threat but Cross replied that it wasn’t a threat, but he will be so sad so he won’t talk to her.

Cross’ words seem harsh and Saskay just kept her head down throughout the conversation.

Though, it remains unclear whether Saskay was crying or not. What we know is that Cross’ statement hurts her a lot.


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