Beauty Inspiration: As Usual, Alex Unusual Gave Us The Unusual Creative and Unimaginable Poses

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Alex Unusual

Here are five perfect aesthetically pleasing pictures of Alex Unusual.

Reality TV star and influencer Alex ‘Unusual’ Asogwa Instagram page should be prescribed by doctors as therapy because of the calming effect it can have on your brain.

Her Instagram page has the perfect aesthetics, the picture quality is high even when taken with an iPhone and the poses are artistic and creative.

This is a personal favourite of mine, the blue old school Mercedes goes perfectly with the mustard outfit and of course, the blue skies round up this look.

Ever Seen an Aesthetics Queen Before?

Hardly does a picture look nice without a face, but once more Alex’s focus on aesthetics brings out the best in the picture

Perfect Hair Game Muah!

This is another incredibly creative picture, I mean look at the concept of it.

Oh My Gosh These Angles are To Kill For

Alex and the photographer choose the most interesting angles to take this picture. All the pictures look great plus the attention to detail is top-notch.

High Fashioned Photography, NO DOUBT!

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