Beenie Man Joins Growing List Of Artists Angry At PM Andrew Holness Over Curfew

Beenie Man

Beenie Man joins a growing list of dancehall artists venting about Prime Minister Andrew Holness curfew measures.

The onset of the Covid pandemic has led many Jamaican entertainers to assess the government’s plans to halt the spread of the virus. The measures which have since come under scrutiny by a handful of entertainers include mandatory wearing of masks in public spaces, tightened curfews, a band on large public gatherings, and most recently, the distribution of vaccines.

The likes of Spragga Benz and Buju Banton have publicly blasted both their fellow entertainers who promise to take the vaccine, as well as the government’s instructions to the citizens of Jamaica. Another dancehall veteran is seemingly hitting out at the Andrew Holness-led administration for apparently strong-arming the island’s natives in the name of Covid without placing much emphasis on other social problems such as homelessness and hunger derived from said measures.

Beenie Man decided to have a quick chat with his legion of fans on Instagram while preparing for a day out with his family at the Pegasus Hotel.

During his Instagram LIVE session, he questioned, “None a we no have no Covid and as rasta wa we fi do?” That transitioned into the deejay’s explanation of the various acts from the government and the police, which he disapproves of.

“Me no like how dem a deal with the law a Jamaica. Dem a deal with the law like its a occupation. Because, police dem ketch you pon the road all after 9 or after 10 you affi pay dem money or you go a jail eno brethren,” Beenie explained to his fans. The deejay criticized the government for not providing enough positive options for the citizens to do right.

“The Man dem nah give you no mask, no sanitizer, dem nah give you nothin fi help yuhself, dem a lock yuh up say you breach the Covid law,” Beenie said while questioning the validity of a ‘Covid law’.

“You can’t tell poor people to go in them bed when no bed no de de fi sleep inna my yute, and is ghetto people uno a pressure,” he said while highlighting that he has never yet witnessed the police in the upscale community of Cherry Gardens where he resides.

“The man dem fi deal with the people dem with more respect…stop people and talk to people the right way,” Beenie advised the Police officers enforcing the law. “‘You a tell man say go over de so cause’ a after 1 now and ray ray,’ – Man a come from work. You de pon work you expect man fi lockdown cause uno say it fi lock down. How the money go come in? How my youth dem a go school?”

He added, “Uno stop dem thing de brethren. So is only security and police, and doctors and nurses suppose to de pon the road after 1, it no make no sense. If your money come in 12 o’clock, how you go make your money 8? Police can’t stop your money from come in.”

Beenie Man also cosigned Buju Banton’s recent address to his fans as he continues to rail against the government’s Covid mandate. “Buju do a ting today weh me respect,” he said. The Gargamel recently called at wealthy Jamaican citizens to let their voices be heard instead of hiding behind their masks while the government enacts tyranny and oppression over the nation. The calls from Buju came after numerous recordings of stand-offs between police and citizens who have grown weary of the stringent curfews and confinements.

Beenie Man has had his own issues with the law. Last year he was accused of breaching Disaster Risk Management and Noise Abatement Acts in Jamaica when he hosted a party in St. Elizabeth. He is set to face trial next month for those charges where he could face jail time or a fine. “Bun out government and them system,” he said, as he closed out the LIVE to spending some quality time with his family.

Beenie Man is scheduled to headline Sunclash meets Shutdown show in Ibiza, Spain, later this year alongside Bounty Killer. The Warlord urged fans to take their vaccine in order to experience the performance in person. The move angered Spragga Benz, who seemingly questioned the approach of Bounty and other entertainers who have endorsed the vaccine.

“Mi see some BIG BAD Jamaican artist promoting di vaxi agenda already… either dem get a promise or dem really dunce to the program,” Spragga wrote on social media.

The battle between pro-vaccine and no-vaccine continues to rage on.


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