Between Actress Etinosa And A Troll Who Advise Her To Slim Down – Read Her Clap Back

Etinosa and A Troll
Etinosa and A Troll

Comedienne and actress Etinosa intensively replied a troll who advised her to slim down because she’s getting too fat..

A fan dropped a comment on a picture she uploaded, and asked her to go and lose some weights, and the actress replied by listing all her remarkable accomplishment despite her size.

“Go and lose weight ma” the fans said to her .

And Etinosa went on to talk about how she got a Benz with her weight, became a landlady with two houses, got a lover who is crazy about her, and so on.

She further stated that the reason she is replying is to help other ladies who will be ashamed of their body because of comments like this.

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etinosa replies troll
etinosa replies troll


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