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Big Brother Issues Strikes To Erica, Kiddwaya And 2 Other Housemates

Big Brother housemate Eric, Ozo, Tolanibaj and Kiddwaya has received strikes from Big Brother. This is coming after Big Brother returned from a 7-day vacation.

Erica Nlewedim became the first housemate in Big Brother Naija Lockdown show to get a double strike from Big Brother.

After Big Brother returned from a 7-day vacation, housemates were very happy to hear his voice. However,housemates became shocked after Big Brother played several videos of the housemates breaking the house rules.

Big Brother found Erica and Ozo guilty of whispering in the House and on this same table, they have also been caught on other several occasions speaking in codes or trying to communicate in under tones.

For this reason, they have hereby been both issued a Strike. Which means two more Strikes and they will be immediately Disqualified from the show.

Erica, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj have been found guilty for disregarding the rule regarding the Head of House and Deputy Head of House privileges. However, they broke the rules, and allowed their desires and wants to supersede authority.

By winning the Head of House, and accepting the role of Head of House, Kiddwaya was only permitted to sleep in the Head of House Lounge. Likewise, by accepting the Deputy role, Tolanibaj’s sleeping arrangement was to change immediately. Instead, they both chose to circumvent the rules of the game and preferred the company of other Housemates. For Erica, laying in bed in the Head of House Lounge till three o’clock in the morning was not to be considered as visitation, and so she was found guilty for bending Biggie’s rules.

On this note, Big Brother found Tolanibaj, Kiddwaya and Erica guilty of breaking the House rule on the Head of House Lounge. They are hereby all issued a Strike each. This means that two more Strikes, and Tolanibaj and Kiddwaya will be Disqualified from the Lockdown House; one more Strike for Erica will see to the end of her Lockdown journey in the House.

As an additional punishment, for disregarding the title and privilege of Head of House and Deputy, Tolanibaj and Erica have both been barred from next week’s Head of House game. They may not partake, neither can they be selected as Deputy. Moreso, because Kiddwaya is the current Head of House, he was meant to manage the House and bring order but instead partook in the infringements. For this, his punishment from Biggie was more.He has been barred from the Head of House games for two weeks and may also not be Nominated as a Deputy. Since he is already ineligible to partake in next week’s games, his two weeks begins from the week after next week. So, for three weeks he may not be Head of House or Deputy.

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