Bobrisky reacts to single mothers begging him for money


Bobrisky has warned women to stop getting pregnant for certain types of men after he received DMs from a lot of single mothers begging him for money.

The crossdresser wrote: “Quick notice! I have lot of single mothers in my DM begging me to assist them. Ladies be careful of the kind of men you open legs for.

He added:

“Some of dis ladies won’t ever hear. Not every man that comes your way you open your leg for. Some men are useless ! I repeat some of them are useless. After impregnating you they will get BUSY. When they are busy running after u their phones are open. My dm is filled up with single mothers sending me their baby pic. If you will have to have fun use CONDOM pls. Don’t just bring an innocent child to suffer. Pls take note !”

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