Charles Barkley Tries To Throw Hands With Warriors Fan: Watch


Charles Barkley continues to beef with Warriors fans.

When the playoffs started this season, Charles Barkley made it very clear that he would be rooting against the Golden State Warriors. In Barkley’s eyes, their reign has been very annoying to watch and at this point, he just wants someone else to win. For instance, just last week, he got into it with Warriors fans during a taping of Inside The NBA. It was pretty hilarious to watch and Barkley has kept that energy throughout the Western Conference Finals.

Last night, the Warriors ended up defeating the Mavericks in what was a pretty easy win. The Warriors showed their dominance and with the game going down in San Francisco, you can be sure that Dubs fans came out in droves to drive Barkley absolutely wild.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images for The Match

In the video down below, you can see a Warriors fan throw a T-Shirt at Barkley in the middle of his TNT broadcast. As you can imagine, the former NBA superstar did not appreciate the gesture, and he immediately demonstrated that by getting up walking towards the gate that separated him from the crowd. It is clear that Barkley wanted to throw hands, however, it was really all for nothing.

Now, Barkley will have to deal with the Warriors for a whole new round. It’s going to be brutal for Barkley, especially since this is the Finals and now, the Warriors fanbase will have all the more reason to be obnoxious.

Let us know if the Warriors can win it all, in the comments down below.


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