Chloe and Halle Bailey are powerhouses when it comes to music. The sisters got their start by posting singing videos on YouTube, and since then, they’ve used their distinct voices to land roles in television shows and films, sign record deals and collaborate with some of the most prominent artists in the industry.While they both sing, write and act, the two have very different personalities and vibes. Through social media, thousands of people can see just how the siblings differ. Chloe, 23, is depicted as being seductive and extroverted. She has used her platforms to flaunt her body and emit confidence. Halle, on the other hand, is seemingly timid. She has been known to radiate positivity and be more on the reserved side.


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An audience was able to see the drastic contrast during a recent performance given by the two women. While on stage during the Something In The Water festival held in Washington, D.C., Chloe and Halle sang their single, “Tipsy.” The record is about seeking revenge on a man who has done them wrong.

While delivering the intro to the song, Halle stated, shyly, into the mic, “He better not break your heart.” Following that, Chloe, with great confidence, let out, “He better not f*ck up. He better not cheat. He better not be with other b*tches, and then come home to me.”

As Halle stayed in her spot at center stage, Chloe began strutting down the runway and dancing in an effort to garner the crowd’s attention. The “Have Mercy” songstress winded down to the ground and twerked as the record played.

Check out the clip below.