Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Crossdresser Bobrisky sends his condolence messages to Toyin Lawani after the loss of her dad

    Popular crossdresser Bobrisky took to his social media to send his condolence messages to celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani who lost her dad yesterday.

    Bobrisky who is sympathetic towards her loss has joined in her grief as he sends his condolences regardless of the beef brewing between him and Toyin Lawani.

    The brand influencer took to his Instagram account to write;

    “I heard tiana dad pass on.Sorry Toyin Iawani for d loss. Yes we might have issues but not to a point of loosing someone you never see again. Rip to her dad”

    “Yes, some or you might be shocked I wish her well. It’s her dad we are talking about. Someone she will never see again in her lire. Regardless wat is going btw us I reel I should send my CONDOLENCE to her. Dis doesn’t mean we have stopped righting or continue righting.. Dis is just me been emotional. Rip to her dad”


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