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DaBaby Pens Emotional IG Post As He Reflects On His Career And Counts His Blessings

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DaBaby is counting all his blessings in a reflective post on IG.

Following what must have been a great Father’s Day, rapper DaBaby gets personal, writing a lengthy emotional piece about his children, family, character, and his successful career. Over the past few months, DaBaby has definitely taken up a permanent spot in the public eye. Although he’s a fairly good guy, you never know what to expect when his name is mentioned in the media. He’s had many run-ins with law enforcement, and his haters form a very large group. While getting hated on is pretty normal for a celebrity, it isn’t an easy thing to always overlook.

Many celebs have used their platforms to respond and clap back to their critics, showing some very ugly sides of their character. A lot of the time, though, they are usually right in their opinions. DaBaby is one such artiste to quickly put critics and haters in their place, gathering them all the way together. Whether it’s in response to assault allegations or to defend his music, the “Bop” rapper always makes his stance known. One subject he never shies away from is fatherhood. DaBaby openly loves his children, and it’s always commendable to see. This Father’s Day weekend, he took things a step further by penning a heartfelt message, sharing it on his Instagram Story for all to see.

Aware of his abundant blessings, DaBaby states, “Been up all night reflecting on how blessed I am. Blessed enough to come from where I come from and get to where I am. Blessed enough to live through situations I’ve made it out of with my head held high. Blessed enough to take care of my family and be the platform and support system needed to assist my loved ones in chasing their dreams. Blessed enough to watch my mother get married and live happily with a great man that loves and appreciates her the way I always have.”

Speaking about the beautiful bond he shares with his daughters, he writes, “Blessed enough to be the father of 2 beautiful children. Blessed enough to be able to do the simple things that mean much like watch Toy Story with daughter 100 times in the past two weeks.”

He then explains how humble he has remained through it all, “Blessed enough to be in touch with [who] I am as a person and never let outside opinion affect how pure my heart is. Blessed enough to be able to hold myself accountable when I’m wrong. Blessed enough to learn to hold others accountable when their wrong but never before offering my perspective on how I feel like went wrong. Blessed enough to be where I am and still be eager to learn new sh*t everyday. Blessed enough to be willing to help others carry their problems with the help of my shoulders expecting nothing in return but to a smile on somebody face.”

DaBaby then goes on to list a number of other blessings, including how loved he is, how successful he is, how blessed he is to have devoted fans and how blessed he is to be able to, “be staring at my pretty a*s daughter while I type this sh*t.” He closes by making one powerful statement, “GOD IS GREAT.”

Something like this is always beautiful to witness. Read below for the full note written by DaBaby.


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