Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Speak Out Says Cassie Not Only Victim


Diddy’s former longtime bodyguard, Roger Bonds, has confirmed the claim by Casandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura that the Bad Boy Records head beat her bloodied, and his security guard stepped in to stop him.

In Cassie’s lawsuit, she claimed that on many of the occasions that Diddy beat her, his security guard and personal assistant were witnesses and one time, Roger Bonds saved her from a horrible beating that usually left her black and blue.

In a new video, Bonds blasted Diddy on Wednesday as he explained he got away from Diddy because he did not want to be around him any longer because of what was going on.

According to Bonds, he made the excuse that he was battling illness to stop working for Diddy, but that was not the real reason for getting away from the former Bad Boy Entertainment CEO.

“There comes a time when you in a situation that may seem like a good situation but if you not waking up happy, or if you disgruntled or you don’t really want to be around that person you’ll find every excuse to get out of there and I got diabetes so my excuse was I can’t be with you every day, I can’t do this….but in reality, I was sick of you,” he said in the video.

He added that he witnessed Diddy beat Cassie many times and other women as well.

“I was sick of everything that was going on around you, I was sick of having to cover up everything that you did,” he said adding, “Cassie spoke on it. She said, yeah, I jumped on it. I jumped in between it. That wasn’t the only time. It was other times and it was other people.”

Bonds is the latest of Diddy’s staff who have been speaking out. A video of Diddy’s ex-employee Gene Deal speaking on the Art of Dialogue podcast has gone viral where he claimed that Diddy had allegedly planned to get the girls in the Danity Kane group addicted to drugs and then allegedly planned to pimp them out.

“I think those girls- Danity Kane, a couple of them didn’t sign [NDA’s] and boy oh boy they gon go after him too cause I heard him and I’m giving you this Aubrey, he sit up there and he said in front of a lot of people, we were in the studio, and I said something to him and walked out the studio and he said ‘yo Imma drug they a$$ and pimp them out to my n***s,” he said.

Deal emphasizes, “He said ‘Imma get them all on drugs and pimp them out.”

Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day has been blasting Diddy nonstop since he disbanded the girl group. O’Day has hinted that there is a lot that happened leading to the group being discontinued by Diddy, but she has never outrightly said exactly what happened.

Diddy has not reacted to the comments by his ex-employees. However, he is busy dealing with the fallout to his businesses following the filing of two additional lawsuits where two victims alleged that he raped them in the 1990s.


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