DJ Sbu reacts to trolls telling him to fix his hair and beard

DJ Sbu

Well-known South African DJ, content creator, and businessman, DJ Sbu reacts to people who advise him to fix his hair and beard.

Over the past months, the businessman has been called out for his look; it is said that he looks bushy and needs to take care of himself.

Despite being slammed, the DJ refused to yield to the people’s voice, as he shows off more off his hair and beard.

DJ Sbu

Taking to Twitter this Friday, he wrote to people who have issues with his hair and beard, saying it is beautiful to him.

He further urged them to go fix their bank accounts.

“Who told you my hair or beard needs fixing, combing or grooming? It’s left as is intentionally. It’s beautiful to me & needs no compliments from you. Go fix, groom or comb your bank account,” he wrote.

However, a majority felt offended by his tweet.

Here are some of the reactions:


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