Download Audio: 2Baba – Warriors

2Baba – Warriors

Download Audio: 2Baba – Warriors

What a wonderful song to start the session with, what a great song to enter into the weekend with. We talking about no other song than 2baba latest song Warrior. A track taken off the warrior album released by 2baba recently.

Ladies and gentlemen you are officially live on Your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website. The first song on my list is titled 2Baba – Warriors, i go by the name Yeye Blogger and as usual i’m here to drop this hot song.

Well i’m sorry to say this but this song doesn’t sound very HOT like those HOT GROOVING SONG in that sense, it is a very cool song that speaks volume, it speaks a whole lot about what is going on in the society today.

Listening to the lyrics very closely, you would hear 2babasay small boy are doing something that would shake big men” (was that how he put it aaaah, lemme see if i can recall what was said, i need a sec). Ok i’ve got something, he said Young boys be doing something big and them go think say man dey fear, that’s a very deep talk coming from the veteran singer.

Well to some extent i think that line is very true, but i don’t want to sound bias. it’s not like the young shall not grow, but i think what he is trying to say is the elders should be respected, they’ve been there before you, they’ve been doing it, before you started doing it.

I know some people might at some point want to misinterpret that line simply because everybody has their own perspective as to how they see things, as to how they interpret things to their understanding, everybody has their different mind mapping and how they see the world. I prefer to stay on the positive side, and to read a positive meaning to it.

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And also there are some other parts of this song that when you get to listen to it, you would gain more insights and grab the message 2baba is passing on this song Warrior, The titled really goes with this song.

Who and What is a Warrior? there is a whole lot of explanation surrounding 2Baba – Warriors. I really love this song, i really do honestly, cuz it say a whole lot of deep stuffs, very insightful. You don’t have to be in a rush when listening to this song or noisy environment. Make sure you are calm, if you can, get a chill drink when you want to listen to this and if you don’t want to do that just like me you can still enjoy this song and grab every word for word that has been put together to make this song, but make sure you are relax because i’m in a relax state.

It’s a fantastic tune and i know you guys are gonna love to listen to it over and over and over again. It’s a very inspirational song and it will motivate you to stand strong in-spite of anything, in-spite of anybody saying things behind your back.

The record produced by Bolji

Yeye Blogger Signing Out Peace Out.

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