Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Download Audio: Sym19 – Amebo


Download Audio: Sym19 – Amebo

I’m really loving the lineup of songs on my list for this Friday. Funny enough this song Sym19 – Amebo challenges a song that was recently release, and that song is titled : E Kelly – No Secrets ft. Boybreed.

And guess what the title of this song is AMEBO hahaha. So E kelly wants us to have no secrets but that doesn’t mean we wanna start talking all day even to everybody that passes by. So do you know what Amebo is? of course those in Nigeria knows but what about those readers overseas! Amebo simply mean a Gossiper hehehe.

Alright ladies and gentlemen this is still your hottest entertainment website that’s naijahotstars.com, we’ve got a new song hitting you right now and it’s titled Amebo by Sym19, i really had a hard time pronouncing his name the very first time i came across it.

I hope you check out the last song that was premiered titled 2Baba – Warriors, you really don’t want to miss it. It’s a very sensational song, i really love the vibe, the rhythm, and the serenity and so much more. Bolji the producer did a very wonderful jam, the song was well laid down with the beat making the production a top notch.

This is still Yeye Blogger live in session, the weekend is here already and i’m super excited about the weekend. Friday is just one of my best days of the week, actually Friday is my surname too so that tripled my love for Fridays.

And my plans for this weekend is just for me to mind my business (smile), i don’t want to get in any kind of trouble and i won’t be inviting any either. Not that i’m a troublesome person in nature i was just saying though LOL. I just wanna enjoy the weekend to the fullest, the life is too short so i just wanna stay positive and enjoy the weekend.

Alright guys let’s get back to this Sym19 latest song Amebo. I wanna tell you guys a very short story. I used to have a friend that was an Ambebo, hehehe he gossips a lot i tried talking to him about him as i was being careful at the same time, i wouldn’t want him feel like i was acting like a dictator over him. Unfortunately it landed him in trouble and it was a very big trouble. What amazes me is the fact that being a guy he can talk for Africa (how did i ended up with such person in the first place hahaha). I would have love to give you the details but that would make me become an Amebo right??? that would take literally the whole session and i still ave have a couple of songs on list.

Amebo by Sym19 is a very song funny song and i just can’t get tired of listening to it especially when it reminds me of my Amebo Friend. This song is cool and i will be adding it to playlist for this weekend.

Song is produced by Jakabit, was mixed and mastered by sorted mix, download and enjoy…

Download Audio

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