Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are two of the biggest legends in the music industry and over the last few decades, they have teamed up to use their profiles for good. During a recent interview with GQ, both men shared details of a plan to build a brand new free high school near USC in California.

As Iovine explained, this high school will help give kids a much better education that will be tailored to their specific interests.

“We’re starting it right outside of USC,” Iovine shared. “It’s for that neighborhood and it’s going to be free. We’re doing it with Laurene Powell Jobs and XQ and USC…We want to give underrepresented kids an edge…A lot of kids today think it’s not really necessary.”

Dr. Dre went on to say that he kind of hated school as a kid because there was nothing that interested him. With this new school, Dre is hoping to provide kids with a whole new creative outlet. “There was nothing there that I really wanted to learn. In Compton at my particular high school, there was nothing available. This thing that we’re building has everything that I needed,” he said.

With everything going on in the world right now, this was certainly some much-needed good news and we can’t wait to see the plans come to fruition.