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Drake helped Yung Bleu make millions in just three months.

Yung Bleu is thanking Drake publicly for helping him make millions in a single quarter.

It’s not often that Drake is acknowledged for the value he adds when he features on another rapper’s track, especially by that rapper themself. He is known as the Billboard King for a reason, and he is certainly not a selfish one. Over the years, the Canadian superstar has aided several artists in their upward climb on the charts as a juggernaut of a collaborator.

Hip Hop By The Numbers reported that Drake had assisted dozens of artists with their highest Hot 100 position at the time of their collaboration, catapulting them upward an average 19 places from their previous peak. In many cases, the Billboard King assisted other artists with multiple Hot 100 appearances and some for their very first time.

One of his latest assisted tracks, “You’re Mines Still,” on which he features with Yung Bleu, has become a conversation piece on Twitter for this very reason. Yung Bleu took to the time out to show Drizzy some gratitude for helping him make seven figures in just three months. While Drake does not appear in the official music video for the song, his presence on the track was still a powerful force.

“Ain gone lie that drake feature hits different I done made like a couple million in like 3 months. It usually take me a year to stack a million,” Yung Bleu wrote on Tuesday (March 9) in a since-deleted tweet. While it is unusual for artists to talk about real figures publicly as Bleu did, many fans appreciated the transparency. One fan weighed in on the message writing back, “Only made that bc drake was on it atleast u real about it.”

However, Yung Bleu was quick to clarify, “I been making big money tho. I just made it quicker,” he responded. Yung Bleu’s now-deleted tweet was merely a humble brag as the rapper is not one to flex with lavish material things. In an interview with HipHopDX last year, the rapper said he was glad to have gotten all of that out of his system early.

“Now I can give a f**k about a Lamborghini. When I get these big a** publishing checks, royalties and sh*t from the deals and sh*t that I was foing, I’m not chasing nothing, I’m investing back into my career,” the 26-year-old told the publication last October.

“You’re Mines Still” is currently sitting comfortably at its peak No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100, where it has been charting for thirteen weeks now. Meanwhile, Drake continues to help other artists make bank every day.

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