Drake Honors Eminem With Action Figure From Slim Shady Days

Drake and Eminem

Drake is paying homage to two of hip-hop’s most profound acts.

This past weekend was an exciting one for Drake fans. The prolific Toronto rapper surprised his fans with not one but two new tracks accompanied by new visuals. The two songs that were mixed together in a music video directed by Theo Skudra are titled “When To Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle.” In the second song, Drake mimicked the flow and lyrics from Eminem’s old hit “Superman” from 2002. “I do know one thing though/Women they come, they go/Saturday through Sunday, Monday/Monday through Sunday yo/Maybe I’ll love you one day/Maybe we’ll some day grow/Till then I’ll sit my drunk ass on that runway on this one way,” Drake raps on the track.

Drizzy is now paying further homage to Eminem in his Instagram story. The rapper took to the social media platform to share a photo of Eminem’s vintage ‘My name is Slim Shady” action figure in all its chainsaw and overalls madness.

Fans noticed that Drake was also paying tribute to Jay-Z with his latest project. The track “When To Say When” features the same sample that Hova used in his 2001 banger “Song Cry” which is one of the New York rapper’s biggest records from back in the day. A part of Drake’s music video was also shot in New York, where he is seen standing in front of Jay-Z’s Marcy Houses.


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