Drake Jetted Out Of Barbados With This Parting Message On Air Drake


Drake lifted up out of Barbados today with a parting message that’s pretty much saying, “I am super rich.”

Drake flexes on us peasants as a jaw-dropping image of his private jet “Air Drake” was captured upon him, leaving Barbados. The OVO boss touched down in Barbados on July 12. Since then, he has been spotted alongside Rihanna’s brother and Jamaican dancehall artiste Popcaan, who was celebrating his birthday. What tipped off fans to his arrival in Barbados were photos of his USD $185 million plane, “AIR DRAKE”, which were taken on the tarmac at the Grantley Adams International Airport and circulated on social media.

The “Started From The Bottom” rapper debuted his private Boeing 767 in May 2019. Fans were dumb-founded as they speculated just how much he had spent on the lavish purchase, simultaneously questioning his net worth in the process. However, TMZ later announced that Drake was gifted the aircraft by the Canadian airline Cargojet, who made the trade in exchange for the publicity that would be generated. The plane was then renovated to suit Drake’s liking with “Air Drake” and his “OVO” owl being emblazoned on the aircraft. It was also changed from white to a cool baby blue color. It was stated that Drake would ensure that he used the plane whenever he traveled, subsequently taking images of his trips and posting them to his 69.5 million followers on Instagram and his 39 million followers on Twitter.

Today, Drake ended his vacation in Barbados, although it is unclear where he is headed to next. His airplane was spotted after takeoff, and the image snapped is both hilarious and motivating. The cool baby blue jet is now designed with white puffy clouds to make it look stealth and covert when it’s high in the clouds. The underside of the plane reads, “IF YOU’RE READING THIS WE LEFT.”

The amusing quote is definitely in line with Drake’s jovial personality and character. He is known to be a pretty entertaining fella. The quote is also extremely similar to his mixtape title, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” which was released in 2015. In the immediate aftermath of its release, there was speculation that the mixtape was a surprise drop intended to get Drake out of his album obligation to Cash Money. Some further suggested that the title itself was a middle finger to Birdman and a portrayal of loyalty to Drake’s friend and mentor, rapper Lil Wayne. So the quotation on the plane could just be Drake’s way of screaming, “F**K You.”


Fans are also in awe of the sheer power and beauty of the aircraft even though it is not the first time it has been spotted. But you know, it’s just one of those things that take your breath away each time you encounter it. Fans have dubbed the plane as iconic and epic stating that Drake is big flexing on us.

One user commented, “This pic just called me ‘broke’,” while another added, “That’s a cold mf right there.”

We would love it if we could get just one day of flying around in style and luxury on the popping “Air Drake.”


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