Enhle Mbali files protection order, Confirms divorce with Black Coffee

Multi-talented fashion designer, Enhle Mbali has confirmed divorce with Black Coffee in a video shared on Instagram on Sunday morning.

Weeks ago, rumors spread wide that the couple had split, but their silence buried it.

However, the actress shared her truth in a video clip shared on social media.

“The situation that is happening right now in my life right is indeed happening. But I would also like a bit of space with regards to questions and so forth…” she said.

“All I’ve ever tried to do was be a great wife. A supportive wife. One that was respectful,” she added.

Meanwhile, Enhle has filed protection order against Black Coffee’s sister Nomalanga Maphulo, his mother and against her former hubby the international DJ.

In her court application, Enhle Mbali says Black Coffee’s mother Faith Ndadala arrived at her matrimonial home on September 27 to bully and verbally attack her.

“Lungi came and was repeating what my mother-in-law was saying… that my lawyers can’t do anything as it is not my property.

“I’m going through a divorce and suffer from depression and their act will trigger me. I’m doing well with both psychologist and psychiatrist,” she said.


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