Erica Nlewedim recounts traumatic experience after disqualification from BBNaija, forgives herself


Popular reality star, Erica Nlewedim recounts the traumatic experience she went through the last 12 months after her disqualification from the BBNaija show.

Erica Nlewedim

According to the actress, the past year has been through a series of emotional trauma despite her appearance to the public as strong and unbothered.

Taking to Instagram, Erica Nlewedim pens a letter to herself while appreciating fans for their undying love through such a tough moment.

“The past one year I’ve been working, singleminded, almost like a robot, not thinking of how far I’ve come, just focused on my goals, trying to outdo myself, trying to make everyone around me proud, my life has been on fast forward & It was a lot, it took its toll on me and I had to take a break to heal and I thought rest was all I needed until a loved one asked me what I would tell the Erica of September 6 2020, I thought about it and couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t understand how I had successfully avoided thinking about any of the traumatic experiences that had happened to me in the past one year, it was a struggle think back to those moments of fear and sadness but I did, I spoke to Erica, I forgave her, I applauded her, I promised her she would be proud of herself in a few months and she would be surrounded by so much love. I’m healed and I’ve come so far!! I want to thank God, my loved ones, my Elites words can’t describe much I appreciate you.”


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