“Every Nigerian woman I’ve met has been sexually harassed by an uncle” – Singer, Temmie


Singer Temmie Owvasa popularly known as YBNL Princess out of concern had taken to her Twitter account to express her views on the constant sexual harassment melted on the female gender in Nigeria.


In her official Twitter handle, she had tweeted that pedophiles are on the rise in Nigeria and that there’s one pedophile in every Nigerian home.

Temmie further revealed that every Nigerian woman she’s met has opened up to her about their sexual harassment and mostly from older men who are related to them such as uncles.

According to her, this is stemming from the fact that Nigeria is a country where it is legal to marry children.

Here’s what she tweeted;

“There are many pedophiles in Nigeria, We’re not addressing it as we should and it’s stressing my brain out, Every family has one, Almost every Nigerian women I’ve met has been sexually harassed/abused by an uncle.. Where are these uncles? In their homes, “Head of the house”.

“What do you expect from a country where it’s legal to marry children in some parts? That grown man with a younger wife and a baby they had when she was obviously a minor? You know him? Yeah, I know a lot of them too. Keep pretending it’s not happening right under your noses”


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