$exyy Red Reacts To $ex Tape Leak Left Fans Stunned: “I’m Heartbroken”

$exyy Red

Sexyy Red left some of her fans stunned early Thursday morning when a video popped up on her Instagram Story.

The St. Louis rapper has since deleted the video from her Instagram, but not before the clip was copied and reshared all across social media, inciting reaction from fans. Some folks questioned why she would post her own sex tape on the internet, but Sexyy Red denies she posted the video of herself.

“I’m so heartbroken anybody that kno me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy sh* like that [broken heart emoji] [teary face emoji],” the rapper said in a tweet on X. The “Pound Town” rapper clearly feels humiliated by the video despite it being shared on her own social media page. Since she denied sharing it, it’s unclear who is the real culprit as this could be a case of someone close to her sabotaging her.

In the meantime, fans have flooded X, formerly Twitter, with memes and hilarious reactions to the footage. DJ Akademiks was one of the people who reacted to the video. “Sexyy red gotta stop f***ing broke bums wit nothing to lose.. how every ni*** she wit desperately tryna let the world know they smashin her,” the podcaster wrote. “I love how down to earth she is but it’s bout time she leave these ni***s wit ankle monitors on .. in they momma houses where they belong.”

Radio host Ebro Darden also reacted to the video, saying that the video is on brand with her music and persona. Sexyy Red has built her music career on sexually explicit music, but is it enough to save her from potential damages of the leaked tape?

“Sad Sexyy Red is hurt by the sec tape leak, but it is actually on brand based on her music,” Ebro tweeted while reminding some folks that the leaking of the video can potentially be illegal. “Still terrible tho.”

Sexyy Red was recently caught on another man’s Instagram Live video laying in bed with him. She never denied it and says it might’ve hurt her relationship with the father of her child, who is currently serving time in prison.

Sexyy Red also recently received some backlash after saying she wants Trump to return to office because he gave stimulus checks to the masses. Her statement also caught Erbo’s attention, who calls it a lapse in judgment.


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