Fans Reacts On Twitter To Monica And Brandy’s Verzuz Battle

Monica And Brandy

Fans are ecstatic to see Monica and Brandy in the next Verzuz battle.

August will end on a high note following the announcement of Brandy and Monica’s long-awaited Verzuz battle. Fans have been clamoring for the clash between the R&B divas responsible for the smash collaboration “The Boy Is Mine.” Set for the 31st at Tyler Perry Studios, the virtual event promises an iconic and nostalgic moment for 90’s fans and R&B lovers alike. “Get ready for the queens!” the Verzuz Instagram caption teased mere hours ago, and both crooners have since shared that they’re stoked about the occasion.

Fans are on ‘top of the world’ now that series organizers have been able to secure the exciting matchup. The beef between the singers hit a fever pitch in the ’90s with allegations that things got physical and several shady moments on record. Rumors of animosity between the two swirled following several solo performances of their joint track, which spent three months at the top of Billboard. The song eventually won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals in 1999, which is the only Grammy award for both singers.

With a history as long and showy as their catalogs, many maintain the two are still rivals in a sense. However, Monica was adamant she didn’t want a rehash of those days when initially approached for Verzuz. “The only battle or Verzuz they want to see with me is me against Brandy, and the reality is, people have put us against each other for 20-something years,” Monica said in a V-103 interview. “I’ve been trying to tell people for about 25 years, you can like both! You’re going to turn this into 1998 all over again and I have no interest in that.”

“I understand the idea of [Verzuz] and I think it’s really, really entertaining and it is an incredible idea,” Monica said.

It seems she’ll get the celebration she wanted after all and her so-called actually couldn’t be happier “Thank you @MonicaDenise and @verzuzonline for making this happen. Let’s celebrate!!!!” Brandy tweeted in response to the official announcement.

Monica added to the growing frenzy since the news broke, as fans choose sides and poke fun as the big day approaches. “Celebrating these catalogs is for the culture with love!” Monica said on Instagram. “From Young Women to Adult Women we’ve been with y’all!”


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