Foota Hype Respond To Criticism His Rented Rolls-Royce For Father’s Day

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Foota Hype

On Sunday, Foota Hype showed us how he believes Father’s Day should be celebrated when he shared a shot of himself beside a black Rolls Royce. He would later go on to drop a couple of pictures of himself soaking in a bath full of roses. However, it seems not even a bath was able to wash Foota of his detractors. Therefore he took Tuesday as the day to clear the air and lash out against his haters while on his Instagram LIVE session.

Foota began his rant against the females. He said, “Mi notice some ooman pon di internet. Why oonu suh bad mine? Pon maddas day when di whole a oonu a have oonu fun and a get excited, nuhbaddy nuh have nuttn bad fi seh.”

“Mi put up mi likkle picture pon mi Rolls Royce weh wi rent, because mi nuh have no money fi buy Rolls Royce fi myself. Some wicked gyal a come talk bout: ‘watch him wid people car’. Yes, every rappa use people car; every actress use people car; every actor. Das why dem have rent-a-car business. Fi di day de when mi rent it, a my own. Nat even di owna coulda come teck mi outta it bloodc___t,” the selector shot back.

Foota reminded everyone that he does have friends in pretty high places who he is able to secure a ride from if he needs to.

“Memba seh me have friends wid all these kinds a vehicle enuh. Mi can get dem fi borrow tuh enuh. Mi nuh haffi rent dem. Oonu nuh si when mi a come from prison a big four door Presidential Bentley pick me up? A neva r__s claat Uber; a nuh Lyft. Suh why oonu have a problem?” he asked rhetorically.

In keeping with his theme of the night to slam dunk persons talking smack about him, Foota said, “A long time mi nuh cuss out some a oonu dutty jancrow.”

He then made it known that his bank account his in a healthy state. “When a man a live him likkle life an enjoy himself, oonu have di worse ting fi seh. Guh s__k oonu mumma. If mi na have money mi can rent nuh Rolls Roye. Bruck people caa rent Rolls Royce…. All when a rental, a my own till di money done. Till mi money drive out, a my own.”

“If mi get up a maanin and feel like mi want guh up a Fontaine Bleu, guh book a room fi 700 dalla, and guh sleep in deh and feel like mi a tourist and come out an a dead fi hungry afta, a nuh fi oonu business?” he continued.

Apparently, there were also comments waged against him sporting the tracking device on his ankle. The anklet was issued by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to monitor his movements before he was sent back to Jamaica.

Foota Hype

“Di whole a oonu a worry bout di anklet pon mi foot. P__ hole, mi still a live mi life, mi still a guh beach inna it; mi swim inna it; nuttn nuh dweet. Mi guh inna di bath tub wid di flowers dem; nuttn nuh dweet. Di light still a blink. Oonu see police come look fi mi? Guh s__k oonu madda. Yeh a mi ‘foot Rolex’,” he boasted.

“Oonu did still waa mi fi dung a Chrome don’t? Lock inn one cell don’t? Dat naw happen,” he declared. “Oonu want Doreen son fi inna problem. Sufferin days over. Mi a live mi life. Some a oonu weh a criticse an a grumble nuh know weh oonu baby father deh; some a oonu bwoy nuh get no yute but oonu ready fi class people who a live dem life.”

For those who came at him for not posting any images of his children for Father’s Day he had this to say, “Some a oonu a come grumble bout ‘oh how him nuh post him pickney dem’? P__y, a Fathers Day; a nuh pickney day. A nuh children day; a dem fi put up me. A mi babymadda fi put up me if nuhbaddy a put up nuhbaddy. An me naw wait pon dem fi validate me as a father. Suh if dem nuh put up me and di ooman dem nuh put up me, mi put up myself and mi put up mi faada. Mi can’t wait till next Fathers Day fi mad oonu again,” bragged the 38-year-old.

While there were a handful of negative comments below his posts on Instagram, he still attracted some positive energies with the majority of persons wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

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