Wednesday, October 5, 2022

“Funke, I’ve sacked you” – James Brown blows hot, blames stylist for his billionaire Papito’s ‘weird’ designer jacket (Video)

Crossdresser, James Brown finally reacts to brouhahas that trailed a photo of himself and his billionaire lover, Papito.

James Brown

James Brown who tried to create the impression that his lover is multi-rich got rubbed in the mud after netizens spotted two designer brands on his jacket (Moncler and Burberry), one of which was wrongly spelt; instead of Burberry it had ‘Burbrery’.

Papito’s ‘weird’ designer

Reacting to this, James Brown while insisting that his lover is a billionaire blamed their stylist, Funke for the weird outfit and went on to announce that she has been sacked.

The crossdresser further affirmed that he’s not out to impress anyone, rather he’s keen on doing what makes him happy.

Watch videos below:

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