Future’s Baby Mama Sued, Claims He Threatened Her To Do Abortion


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Future is facing a new lawsuit from his baby mama Eliza Reign, who is accusing him of threatening her to do an abortion.

Overall, life is good for Future. The rapper’s latest album, High Off Life, hit gold only hours after its release, he recently celebrated the birthday of his son with his ex, Ciara, and his relationship with Lori Harvey is still going strong. However, it turns out that his famous son isn’t the only child Future needs to be worrying about. Eliza Reign, a woman who has been involved in ongoing legal proceedings against Future to ask for support for their baby girl, has officially proved his paternity.

According to TMZ, Eliza is now suing the Atlanta rapper over several claims, including accusations that Future harassed and attempted to coerce her into having an abortion.

After Future recently attempted to sue Reign, saying that she was, in fact, the one causing him mental distress over the situation, Eliza has now filed a countersuit that alleges she was publicly humiliated when the rapper insinuated that she has mental health issues and has sex for money. The court documents include text messages from Future to Eliza, including one that reads, “TMZ this b*tch stole my last name I think that’s what I heard! I will never respect a clout chasing b*tch NEVERRRRRRR FOH.”

The suit also alleges that Future threatened Eliza during her pregnancy, even saying he would have her killed if she did not choose to terminate her pregnancy. Reign’s countersuit includes allegations of libel, slander, and emotional distress. In the original lawsuit aimed at gaining financial support, Eliza asked the court to award her $53,000 a month for support of her and Future’s now-one-year-old daughter. She reportedly calculated this amount based on Future’s annual income, which was estimated at $19 million a year at the time of her request. Future maintains that Eliza purposely sought out a rich man to get pregnant for the sole purpose of financial gain.

Clearly this legal battle between Future and Eliza Reidn is nowhere near over and their is a beautiful baby girl trapped in the middle of all of this.

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