Ghen Ghen: A Worried Fan Questions DJ Cuppy About Her Relationship With Her Dogs – She Replied

DJ Cuppy
  • An inquisitive fan sparked hilarious reactions after he dared DJ Cuppy to show off his man or face a funny assumption
  • The fan asked the female entertainer to flaunt her man before people will feel she is into dogs and Cuppy gave him a perfect response
  • The billionaire daughter simply said she is into the human species and is currently single, Nigerians have reacted to their interesting exchange

An interesting exchange happened between DJ Cuppy and one of her fans on social media after the fan expressed his curiosity about her love life.

The fan dared the female entertainer to show off her man or else he will assume she has an agenda with her dog.

DJ Cuppy is expected to get angry over the not so cool assumption but she rather explained herself that:

“I am single and my type is human species.”


Check out the post below:

Nigerians react to Cuppy’s exchange with the fan

Social media users have reacted to DJ Cuppy’s response to the fan, most of them commended her for not getting angry over the comments.


“I love how playful and humble Cuppy is, no matter how much you try to troll her, she always find a way to make it funny.”


“Some people are rude sha.”


“Cuppy strikes me as one with no problems. Always calm even in her replies to trolls.”


“Why do people stress cuppy.”


“Imagine the disrespect ‍♀️ na wa.”


“All the girls that owns dogs are running kitikiti to explain they do humans and not dogs.”


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