“Gossip doesn’t pay bills” – Ubi Franklin sends strong message to haters

Popular music executive cum blogger, Ubi Franklin has sent a strong message to his haters on and off social media.

Ubi Franklin in the past few days has been caught in another drama with his baby mama Sandra Heuwa, a move that has sparked reactions from fans.

However, Ubi Franklin seems not bothered with all happenings around him as he urges people to stop gossiping as it doesn’t pay bills.

According to Ubi, fans should rather do what they can legally to make money adding that they should stay in a happy relationship and not a sad one.

He wrote:

Brothers, do all you can legally to make money.
Build a home inside a house, make sure you stay in a happy relationship and not an unhappy relationship shown on social as happy.
Every time I try to fell bad about the things people have to say about me, I look around see my beautiful kids and I remember I promised to leave something for them as I am also trying to leave something in them.
Remain focused, Gossip don’t pay bills, real work and hustle pays the bills.

Ubi Franklin


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