Greatest gift: Beautiful photos drop as mother gushes about her miracle twin babies

Beautiful photos drop as mother gushes about her miracle twin babies

– A woman, Reabetswe Rea Kedijang, was heart-broken after she was told doctors needed to end her pregnancy

– However, she went for a second and third opinion and found out she was actually blessed

– Instead of an ectopic pregnancy, Kedijang was expecting twins

A woman, Reabetswe Rea Kedijang, took to Facebook last week to gush about her two ‘miracle babies’.

Kedijang opened up about her journey to becoming a mother on the #ImStaying page and revealed it was far from easy.

The stunning mom wrote that her faith in God was tested after she was told they would have to end her pregnancy because of a complication.

Her doctor said she had an ectopic pregnancy and would have to undergo a procedure to remove the baby.

She said the experience was “soul breaking” but she decided to trust in God and she went for another medical opinion.

After seeking out a third doctor, Kedijang learned that she was expecting twins. She did not have to end the pregnancy and eight months later, she welcomed her “miracle babies”.

To top it off, her twins came on her birthday.

Take a look at the post below:

The post gathered over 20 000 reactions and South Africans were inspired by her miraculous story.

Strelitza Johnson Webster commented:

“I am in awe, and so joyful and grateful with you. God is awesome. Congratulations hun and enjoy your special surprises from (above).”

Pamella Mantyi wrote:

“God never fails.”

Gillian Eva said:

“You are blessed indeed. May the Lord continue to hold you and your beautiful twin blessings in His loving arms.”

Margaret Matsepe added:

“Congratulations for your double blessings. To God be the glory.”



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