Gunna Reveals How S3X Is The Secret To Weight Loss

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Gunna has been having an impressive year. After being released from jail, the rapper went on to come through with some new music. Overall, this came in the form of a project called A Gift & A Curse. Unfortunately for Gunna, there were a lot of people who wrote him off. A lot of rappers and producers didn’t want to work with him. They chose to take Young Thug’s side, and consequently, Gunna was left behind. However, he made an incredible album, and everything worked out in his favor.

Additionally, many have been noticing Gunna for his impressive weight loss. Some fans used to make fun of the rapper for being overweight. However, he has since taken his health back into his own hands and has sculpted his body into something he is proud of. Having said that, some people are wondering how he was able to do this. After all, losing weight and putting on muscle isn’t easy. You have to be disciplined, which isn’t a skill that everyone possesses these days.

Gunna Gives Us The Keys

Luckily, Gunna was caught in public by TMZ who has asked him directly how he was able to shed the pounds. The artist replied by doing a weightlifting motion. Subsequently, he clarified that he actually just means lifting legs. Simply put, he was trying to say that a lot of sex goes a long way in getting the body you have always wanted. That’s probably not the only thing the artist did. After all, it is all about calories in and out. Contrary to the belief of some, sex doesn’t actually burn that many calories.

Perhaps in the future, Gunna will drop the dietary requirements for his weight loss. At the end of the day, that’s what we really need to know. In the age of Ozempic, you really never know what people are doing. Let us know your thoughts on Gunna’s supposed method, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the music world.

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