Have You Seen The Trending Painting Doja Cat Created for her Instagram followers.

Doja Cat

Over the weekend, Doja Cat released her fourth studio album Scarlet amid a wave of controversy. For months she had been dealing with backlash from fans online for her embrace of demonic and satanic imagery. She also picked a fight with some of her diehard fans after taking issue with their identity as “Kittenz.” The combined controversies caused the singer to lose hundreds of thousands of social media followers but it doesn’t seem to have stopped her commercial momentum. The second single from Scarlet “Paint The Town Red” hit number one on the Hot 100 earlier this month and is still parked at the number two spot.

Throughout the weekend Doja teased and promoted her new project through various methods. That began with the release of a music video for the record’s newest single “Agora Hills.” The song translated with many fans right away and it’s clear that Doja knew it would because she had the accompanying video ready to go. She shared a new line of merch with fans that poked fun at the entire Kittenz controversy. Shirts included had not just the “Kittenz” name but also one that said “Recovering Doja Cat Fan.”

Doja Cat Shows Off Her Devil Painting

Now, Doja Cat shared a new photo dump with her fans recapping some of the weekend’s events. Included in the pictures are Doja’s charming devil outfit and progress pictures of her painting. At the event, she stood in a mostly glass room while fans outside watched her work. She first painted a red and black painting of the devil before turning around and painting the glass separating her from fans with big streaks of red paint.

Early sales reports for Scarlet are pretty impressive. They initially predicted the album to debut in the top 10 before bumping that up even higher into the top 5. What do you think of Doja Cat painting a devil live in front of her fans? Let us know in the comment section below.


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