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Here’s what you need to know about ‘All Saints Day”, Celebration and Origin

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All Saints’ Day, not to be confused with All Souls’ Day, is observed the day after Halloween, on November 1.

All Hallow’s Day and Hallowmas are two names for the date, which is honored by Roman Catholics and other Christians all around the world.

It’s a day dedicated to remembering and honoring all Christian saints and martyrs through festivals and religious ceremonies.

The following day is All Souls’ Day, which falls on November 2nd (or November 3, if it is a Sunday).

All Souls Day is a day dedicated to remembering those who have passed away and the souls who have left this world.

Here’s everything you need to know about the holy holiday’s origins.

Pope Boniface IV is believed to have introduced the celebration of All Saints’ Day (Picture: ZU_09 via Getty)

What is the origin of All Saints’ Day and where did it originate?
Both Anglicans and Roman Catholics commemorate all holy saints on All Saints’ Day by staging a celebration.

Christians have been commemorating saints and martyrs since the fourth century.

It was only in 609AD, when Pope Boniface IV decided that all martyrs should be commemorated on May 13, at what he dubbed the Feast of All Holy Martyrs, that it became official.

Pope Gregory IV expanded the event to include saints and the entire church in 837AD, renaming it the Feast of All Saints and changing the date to November 1, which has remained the same ever since.

What saints are commemorated?
Though there are days throughout the year dedicated to individual saints, All Saints’ Day honors all of them.

This feast comprises saints who do not have holidays but are solely known to God as saints.

All Saints’ Day really does celebrate ‘all’ saints (Picture: FUTURE LIGHT via Getty)

According to Christian Today, many evangelical protestants are wary of saints since they appear to elevate some Christians above others.

As a result, many Christians celebrate All Saints’ Day with everyone who is a Christian. ‘In a biblical sense, we are all saints,’ he writes.

‘As a result, All Saints’ Day is a day to give thanks for all the Christians who have gone before us, whether or not they are technically saints.’ Some of history’s greatest teachers and prophets are among them. Some are people who have personally taught and inspired us.

‘Some of them are our relatives and friends. We may thank God for their testimony and the way they have passed down the faith through the generations.

‘We can learn a lot from their experiences. We can take a moment to be appreciative for what we’ve been given and recommit to following in their footsteps.’

Kenya Sinclair, a Catholic Online writer, agrees, noting that All Saints Day is a “invitation to live as saints.”

What is the significance of All Souls’ Day?
All Souls’ Day falls the day after All Saints’ Day and is dedicated to praying for the souls of the deceased so that they may be released from purgatory and enter heaven.

Christians pray for God’s mercy at the All Souls’ Day prayers. The Book of the Dead is also opened beside the alter of churches on this day, allowing individuals to write the names of relatives they desire remembered.

Mexico’s traditional Day of the Dead celebrations, known as Dia de lose Muertos, coincide with All Souls’ Day (Picture: Acuesta via Getty)

If the date falls on a Sunday, there will be an All Souls Mass as well as morning and evening prayers for the dead.

All Souls’ Day is more common in European Catholic churches, however it is linked to comparable celebrations around the world. The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated in Mexico, and the Chinese Ghost Festival is celebrated in China.

What does this have to do with Halloween?
Hallowe’en, which literally means “holy evening,” has its roots in Paganism and is said to have begun with the Celtic pagan holiday of Samhain.

Samhain, which means’summer’s end,’ was a harvest festival commemorating the end of the harvest season.

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