I Find Interviews Stressful, Burna Boy Says

Burna Boy

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Grammy-nominated artiste, Burna Boy who was featured in the latest issue of GQ magazine spoke about many things, including his reaction to his Grammy nomination and why interviews make him very uncomfortable.

The singer was interviewed by Lola Ogunnaike who wrote that she had been warned that Burna isn’t a fan of Interview and he didn’t prove her wrong.

“Initially his answers are terse, his eye contact scarce, his wariness palpable. Baus and Burna’s music-label publicist, who have insisted on being present throughout our entire discussion, shift awkwardly in their seats. If Burna’s intention is to make us all uncomfortable, he has succeeded,” Lola Ogunnaike wrote about Burna Boy’s demeanor during the interview.

Burna Boy later explained during the course of the interview that he finds Interviews stressful.

“It’s not that I hate interviews,” he told Lola Ogunnaike, “It’s just that I find them stressful. I find them more stressful than going on tour. Because most of the questions you all ask are very direct, simple questions. But then I answer simply, and then you’re waiting for the rest, like there’s supposed to be a rest of the answer when there really isn’t.”

He also disclosed that he was in Paris for the tour of his album, “African Giant” when he received the news that he had been nominated for the Grammy awards.

“My uncle ran into my hotel room screaming that I was nominated. We were all so happy,” he shared.

In a similar development, the African giant left his mother and grandpa embarrassed and lost for words after he stood up during an interview, with a foreign journalist representing Vice TV, who was busy quizzing his grandfather and mother about their time with late legend Fela Kuti.

“This interview is boring bro” He was heard telling the journalist, as he stood up and walked out on them as his mother stirred on perplexed and confused…


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